Infant Formulas 0-6 Months

We at Nutricia believe in providing the best nutrition for babies, which is why we recognise that breast milk is best. The information in this website should never replace the advice you receive from a qualified healthcare professional. Choosing how to feed your baby is an important decision, which is why professional advice should be followed before using an infant formula.

Eating a balanced, healthy and nutritious diet is important for you when breastfeeding.

If considering not to breastfeed, either partially or completely, it is important to note that partial breastfeeding can reduce breast milk supply and that it may be difficult to recommence breastfeeding should you change your mind.

Because the proper use of an infant formula is important for the health of your baby, infant milk formula should be used and prepared as directed. The cost and social implications of choosing how to feed your baby should be considered when selecting a feeding method.

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